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Challenge: The purpose was to create an interactive café for young adults to be able to enjoy quality food while they interact with one another and the environment around them while staying ahead of the curb.

Solution: The approach was to integrate a social music scene with interactive jam session circles. These circles will have screens, mixing interfaces, instruments and plug-ins to jam out, record and save out tracks so customers can tune in and listen to the live music. Each track has a chance to be on the leader board. Each table can tune in to listen to each of these “jam circles.” And in return they can download the tracks and vote on which one they like best. Each of the tables will be equipped with a touch-screen interface as the tabletop surface. Customers will be able to download an app that will then sync up to the interactive table system when placed onto the tabletop surface. Each user will have a personal account by which the table will then recognize them. A tabletop hologram waitress will recognize each user, suggest new menu items and even interact with them (or group) based on their order history. With this synced app unique to the café the user would be able to remain connected to the interactivity by keeping track of their order history, budget and they would be able to receive café and local news and be able to tune in to the recorded tracks and even tune in to the live jam sessions, download these tracks and vote.